Friday, June 27, 2008

Euro 2008: Spain? Win? Really?!?

If the Red Sox can win—twice—why not Spain?

Certainly, the Spaniards have been a joy to watch in this tournament and have shown a bit more…gumption than they have in years past.

Still, for those that have followed the world’s game for years it’s a bit odd to see Spain finally living up to the hype. If they finish things off Sunday, it will make it much harder for the world’s hacks to make flip jokes about choking bullfighters, that’s for sure.

The talent has never been the question with Spain and it isn’t this year either. In many ways they proved all that they needed to by overcoming drab Italy in the quarters (and thank God for that), but the Germans will offer the ultimate potential redemption.

Over the years, Germany has been the anti-Spain. While the Spaniards play brought tears to your eyes (both kinds), Germany played the role of the sober friend at 2 a.m.— No more fun for you. It’s time to be serious and get ready to do our work.

It’s effective, but man, that after hours club looked like it would be a blast.

So, in that way the final is a compelling match-up. As Brunt wrote in the linked article, a fight can be made from contrasting styles ands these two teams are polar opposite in many ways.

But, that said, Germany does get a bad rep. The truth is, they attack as well as any team in the world—albeit with less Latin flair. Germany may have a bit more Spain in them then Spain has Germany.

And, that could be the difference.

Prediction: Germany 2-Spain 1


krister said...

The golden rule of football - teams play 90 minutes and Germany wins in the end:)

eyebleaf said...

3-2 spain tomorrow