Monday, June 02, 2008

The day Bettman blew it, Vol. 2

The Boots Del Biaggio story, it has legs, all right. The best stab at summaring the latest is that the Nashville Predators "second-largest investor" appears to be facing at least two more lawsuits on top of the one filed last week, plus an investigation by a U.S. Attorney's office.

This is all going to be in newspapers tomorrow side-by-side with stories of the Detroit Red Wings' Stanley Cup triumph. To quote Clancy Wiggum, "You ... you couldn't've picked a worse time."

This is the character whom NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was all too eager to bring into the league. The crazy part is that 10 days ago, May 23, Del Biaggio was probably unknown to 98 per cent of NHL fans. On May 23, he only rated a passing reference in the final paragraph of a London Free Press story about a trading ban being slapped on partners in a firm called Onco Petroleum, Inc. (In Canada, it was more revelatory that former L.A. King Luc Robitaille was getting his pee-pee slapped by the Ontario Security Commission.)

Now he's a smoking gun who helps make the case that Bettman screwed up royally when he pulled out all the stops to keep Jim Balsillie out of the owners' ranks.

Del Biaggio's troubles end up in court (Allan Maki,
'Boots' Del Biaggio hit with another suit (San Jose Mercury News)
Former NHLer among 11 listed on trading ban (London Free Press, May 23)


Greg said...

A Wings triumph? Please. We're heading to OT, Neate!

sager said...

Consider that me calling it... Franzen scores the winner since he messed up on the tying goal. Oh, I've got Talbot for Pittsburgh.

A friend who called in the OT says Cleary for the Detroits and Malkin for the Pittsburghs.

(Actually, Babcock made one of his few mistakes of the playoffs by having him out there.)

Duane Rollins said...

I gots Cleary. I'm not picking a Pen. I said to my cat (my better half went to bed) that this thing had multiple OTs written all over it about three minutes into the first OT. And here we are at 12:20 am....

sager said...

Is this becoming an impromptu live blog or what?

It will look good on Bettman, the guy who would love to stick us with the shootout to decide playoff games, if he has to hand out the Stanley Cup after a triple-overtime game (or longer).

Bob Cole is in great form tonight. If this is his valedictory as the lead man on HNIC, what a way to go out. That line when Holmstrom fanned in close early in the first OT, "That looked like curtains," was perfect.

(Of course, Cole/Greg Millen also managed not to make note of it when Brooks Orpik returned to the game after leaving the Penguins bench for a period. But that's part of Bob Cole's charm.)

sager said...

You know it's CBC when they're running promos for Happy Gilmore. Seriously, their movie library would be put to shame by a failing corner store in a very small town.

Duane Rollins said...

And we go 6....

Can't say I saw that coming. At least I now know that Mario's wife isn't a robot.

Anonymous said...

Bettman had a large part in this whole deal with Nasvhille... he and Boots are good buddies and I have a feeling there was a little more going on behind the scenes than we have been told.

It's time for the owners and board of governors to can the little weasel Bettman!!!!!

w w w . F i r e B e t t m a n . c o m