Monday, June 02, 2008

OOLF: We don't just report the news...WE MAKE IT!

Although Out of Left Field wasn't directly mentioned, but it's pretty clear that the Star's Chris Zelkovich was taking about this post when he suggested that Sportsnet's Brad Fay should "rethink the rather risqué, tasteless and sexist comment he made in giving an update on Maria Sharapova's match at the French Open last week."

Actually a source very close to me confirms that Zelkovich worked with Out of Left Field to verify the blowing clay comment after the flacks at Sportsnet told him that it wasn't possible that Fay said what he did because they weren't "flooded with calls and e-mails" afterwards.

Hey Sportsnet: You can be edgy without being a pig

Read the whole thing here

(UPDATE, June 3: Brad Fay has left a comment in the original post. Nice.)

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