Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's an 'over' again?

Is it odd that I find this interesting?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Still, bet you never thought you'd see the day when Sri Lanka was acting as a sports mentor to Canada (with all due respect to the many Sri Lankan readers of OOLF).


Tyler King said...

An over is 6 deliveries.

And I don't usually harp on typos, but you *did* type "Sir Lanka" twice...

Canada's been on the rise in cricket ever since they batted the bejeesus out of West Indies two world cups ago, and in the last one set some sort of batting record in a loss. Unfortunately the team is almost entirely expats or immigrants who make their living outside of Canada since the sport has so little traction here.

Duane Rollins said...

Yes, yes I did. Sir, Sri it's all the same at 11 p.m.

I'll fix it.

Duane Rollins said...

FWIW, I came across that new article while looking for information on the Canadian cricket championships, which take place in the GTA this weekend (I'm probably going to head up to the competition to hunt for human interest stories).

If anyone is interested: May 17 to 19, at Maple Leaf Cricket Club in King City, just north of Toronto.

Duane Rollins said...

Typo city tonight...*news* article

Tyler King said...

Yeah but "new" still worked.

Check out this latest article:

I am officially pumped!