Thursday, May 22, 2008

Throwing Bull across the border

There's some sabre-rattling going on between the Ontario Hockey League and the QMJHL.

The Ontario league is feeling a little territorial about the players from the province, such as Gatineau Olympiques standouts Claude Giroux and Darryl Smith, who have gone over to the Q and thrived after not being able to find a spot in the OHL. Far be it to suggest that the OHL, which has a larger population to draw from, should look in the mirror if good, capable major junior players have reason to leave the province.

(Now, how about that Belleville Bulls' comeback last night at the Memorial Cup? It could end up being completely meaningless, but still, wow... Mike Murphy made 54 saves. Meantime, there is reason to be optimistic toward our wayward Frontenacs -- no harm can from from having clear eyes and full hearts toward the hometown team -- and best of luck to former Kingston captain Justin Wallingford, who's signed on to play CIS hockey at Saint Mary's.)

Duty calls, so it's off to cover a track and field meet for most of the day.


Jeff Dertinger said...

Watch out for javelins!!

sager said...

It turns out they have a pretty good set-up for javelin at the Ottawa track and field stadium; it's actually fenced off from the track and infield. I suppose they might let a photog go out there, but you better have a nice, long glass.