Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Step up to the mike...

Those who really want to know who's going to be commentating Raptors games should probably keep tabs on Doug Smith's blog.

"If I know Bryan Colangelo, who'll have a big say in who gets the job – there’s no way he gives it up to someone with no NBA experience. This is not an organization where you cut your teeth; this is a job for someone grown up and experienced.

"No names at the moment but as I mentioned eons ago, it seems, Kevin Calabro of Seattle has to be on their minds."

Kevin Calabro, huh? Anyone care to offer a scouting report? The floor is open.

By the way, BlogTO has a good thread going on the topic of Chuck Swirsky's replacement.

On trading partners and TV broadcasters (Doug Smith's Toronto Raptors blog, May 20)


Big V said...

I'm out of the basketball loop... why isn't chuck doing the games?

Duane Rollins said...

He's going back to Chicago to do radio for the Bulls--"family reasons."