Sunday, May 18, 2008

Digging in for a football feast

A little advice for Canadians who need their off-season fix of college football from south of the border: Visit The Quad, the New York Times college sports blog.

The writers are counting down to the start of the season by previewing every major-college team, from No. 120 down to No. 1. Yesterday, they previewed the Rice Owls (No. 104), whose lineup includes offensive lineman Scott Mitchell, a graduate of St. Mark, the big high school football powerhouse in the Ottawa area. (It would be remiss to omit the fact St. Mark had a two-year win streak snapped by Kingston's Frontenac Falcons in the playoffs last season.)

Mitchell did get some field time last season as a true freshman and graduation has created some openings on the Owls offensive line, if anyone cares to know.

There's exactly zero chance that any Canadian newspaper will do this for our university football, which has only 27 teams. The CIS Blog just might, however. Contributions are more than welcome, hint-hint-hint.


Dennis Prouse said...

Scott Mitchell dropped by our camp yesterday, in fact, to say hello to the kids.

The Ottawa Gridiron Football Camp, taking place this weekend at the Louis Riel Dome, has been a great success - not only do we have a bunch of Ottawa kids, but there are also about 25 kids from the James Bay Cree Community of Chisasibi, QC. Having those kids at the camp is a tremendous success story for a community that sees its share of difficulties, to say the least.

sager said...

Nice, sounds great for those boys. Having it indoors was probably a bonus this weekend!