Tuesday, April 22, 2008


"There you have it -- advice on saving Planet Earth from a bunch of people who couldn't even save Planet Hollywood."

(Much obliged to Dennis Prouse.)


Big V said...

What the heck is the deal with the NFL draft. According to TSN the Dolphins have already said they will draft this Jake Long kid and have already signed a contract...
How is this allowed???
Stupid stupid stupid... This happens and the draft still takes 8 hours to complete a couple rounds.
Maybe they should make the draft a week long event.

sager said...

I saw that just now ... the thinking is no one is offering Miami a trade, so they figured they'd come to terms with Jake Long and avoid a holdout.

You probably did see that the league is shortening the draft... they cut teams from 15 minutes to 10 for the first round, and 10 minutes to seven for the 2nd.

They'll also do just 2 rounds on Saturday, instead of the first 3.

By my math, the first 2 rounds will take about 4 less hours.