Friday, April 18, 2008


Evidently, the Senator Spartan wasn't a completely original idea.

It's curious how Metallic Studios' green-screen short film has travelled. It went on YouTube last May 25, in between the conference and Stanley Cup finals, but about 95% of the comments on it have been made within the past two days.

It's quite possible some biswanger from the Senators marketing department, being somewhat spartan in the area of orig did see it and decided to rip it off for their own end. As so often happens, a corporate took something that was light, nonsensical and fun and sucked all the fun out of it by playing it as serious as a heart attack.

It is far too nice out today to be indoors talking hockey (not even through one lousy round yet, good god) and Forgetting Sarah Marshall is calling.

The Red Wings have benched Dominik Hasek, scuttling his plans to pull the chute on another team during the playoffs and Bugs & Cranks really, really wants the Tampa Bay Rays to sign Barry Bonds.

(The Paper of Record is pointing the finger at one Senator who didn't play in the entire series. It's too funny that that was pretty much what the commenters here predicted -- it would all be pinned on Ray Emery.)

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