Thursday, April 24, 2008


As you were trying to reunite all the members of the Northern Pikes ...
  • The New Yorker profiled Sean Avery; if that isn't a sign that the war's over -- low culture won.

    Those erudite, always-last-picked liberals actually seem to get Avery pretty well. He is one Advanced A-Hole and if you don't find something appealing in his act, you're probably legally dead. (The noisy gongs and clattering cymbals on the cable sports networks can never acknowledge this, of course, since they need to make Sean Avery into a cartoon, fodder for their shrill little contrived so-called debates.)

    There's a telling quote from the retired ref, Mick McGeough, that basically supports the theory that Avery, on some level, is actually brilliant.

    "Is he an idiot? I don't think so. He's smart. He's doing his job. And he's tough. He gives no quarter. I've seen him in a T-shirt. He's big."
    Avery also wants to intern at Vogue now.
  • It takes some doing to finish behind a team that's being relocated against the will of the people in ESPN The Magazine's Fan Satisfaction Survey, but the Leafs did it. Th hockey division of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan finished 121st of 122nd teams. Yep, behind the Seattle-cum-Oklahoma City Sonics.

    The Senators were the highest of any Canadian team, at 29th, which just goes to show Ottawa fans are happiest when they're whining about something. (Link via Mirtle.)
  • It's the 20th anniversary of both Bull Durham and Eight Men Out, two remarkably prescient baseball movies.
  • Kissing Suzy Kolber has a bead on the Detroit Lions' draft broad -- all wide receivers, again?
  • Major congrats to the Belleville Bulls -- off to the OHL final after thumping Oshawa 11-0 in the series clincher last night. Not too bad for their Eastern Ontario guys, goalie Mike Murphy and d-man Shawn Lalonde.
  • Just doing some Tricolour rock 'n' roll duty -- the Queen's Golden Gaels are taking part in fundraiser called Golf 4 ALS. The Queen's coaches and players will be selling RCGA Golf Cards with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the ALS Society of Ontario. It sounds like a pretty good deal for golfers; fire off an e-mail if you want more info.

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Dennis Prouse said...

You only make passing reference to it in your headline, but it is hard not to laugh at Leaf Nation. They had themselves firmly convinced that Burke was coming, and that confirmation was a mere formality. David Shoalts wrote a fawning column a few days ago on this very subject. According to him, it was just a phone call away from completion. Oops.

Let's be blunt -- anyone who currently has an NHL GM gig would like their current job better than the Leaf one. How could you not? Between the pressure of the Toronto media market, and the meddling of Peddie, the Leaf job will be thankless and difficult.

Oh, but Peddie doesn't meddle in the Raptors operations anymore, you say. The GM negotiated that into his contract! While it is true that Peddie doesn't meddle in basketball, this is only because the MLSE Board doesn't really understand or care about basketball. They care about hockey, the real meal ticket of the organization, and know just enough about it to be dangerous. If Leaf Fan thinks that Peddie isn't going to be nosing around the new GM's office, calling him incessantly and hinting broadly that big decisions should be vetted through him, they are dreaming. The new Leaf GM will come from the ranks of the currently unemployed or underemployed, like Steve Tambellini or Doug Armstrong.