Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Last night's lamewaddery at Scotiabank Place at least had an appropriate theme — since like Meet The Spartans, the nicest thing that can be said about the Senators' playoff stint is that it will be over quickly.

To quote Michael Cera's character in Superbad, "Wow, that's f--ked up."

The topper was the faulty microphone — until the actor raised his shield and you could see had his script written on the back. Seriously, who green-lighted this? 

There's a little bit of guilt associated with piling on the Senators during their darkest hour. Just a little, though. Oh, and here's the obligatory plug for Epic Carnival.


Dennis Prouse said...

The most humiliating moment in Senators history. Period. Jesus Murphy, we are going to be laughed at for years over this, and deservedly so. As one of the boys on Renegade Nation pointed out, why didn't they just roll out Marvin the Martian with his centurion helmet? At least that would have been funny instead of just cover-your-eyes awful.

sager said...

"Oh, this makes me very angry." -- The Mighty Sopo

Anonymous said...

Agree Dennis but this will pale in comparison to when Bud, er Gary Bettman has no recourse but to make the Expos, er, Senators a ward of the league until he finds some competent people to run this slowly and surelt dying venture. I don't even want to think how many subscribers there will be in 4 years from now with the team having missed the post-season. I know, a bit premature but nevertheless a very distinct possibility if Bert, er Eugene doesn't clean house totally, including the once-mighty SOPO.

Babblecock J.P.

Dennis Prouse said...

Come on now, J.P. I know how anxious you are to bury the locals, but Eugene Melnyk going broke and giving up the team and arena? Please.

Melnyk's net worth towers over that of Rod Bryden. Also, in fairness to Bryden, the business has changed for the better since he was forced to bail out. The Canadian dollar going to par has been a boon to Canadian NHL teams. There is now a salary cap, broadcast revenues for Canadian teams have gone up sharply, and the arena is far busier than it once was for concerts and other shows.

This year's face plant is embarassing, to be sure, but in the larger scheme of things, the Senators are in pretty good shape. They have a young core who are all signed to long term deals. Alfie had the best year of his career at age 35, and looks poised to put in at least a couple more years as a top six forward. This team simply needs a makeover, not radical surgery. The teams needs to get a little younger and a little faster in order to give some open ice to the likes of Spezza and Heatley. Ditch Robitaille, Lapointe, McAmmond, Richardson, and McGrattan, and bring in some young guys who can check and skate. (Cody Bass looks like a nice find.) They don't need to be able to score - we've got that covered. What I see in the playoffs right now is a team that is just a step too slow.

Chris Neil has also stopped being the high energy forward we need him to be, and has become a slow moving liability. In looking at him, I find myself wondering if he might be going a little Keith Tkachuk on us as he gets older. (i.e. needs to stay away from the buffet table, and find the weight room instead.) Neil needs to improve his conditioning and skating if he wants to play in the NHL next year, and stay away from the stupid penalties that just kill his team.

Big V said...

I thought Faligno looked great in the 3rd game monday night. He looked really good on the top line and was beating pittsburgh players to the puck on a consistent basis.

sager said...

When a 20-year-old who's not named Crosby is the best forward, though... that's not good. Nick's a nice player, though.