Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Duane Forde, The Score's football analyst who's done a bang-up job on their CIS coverage for the past few years, is moving up to form a broadcast team with Rod Black on CFL games for TSN.

It was kind of only a matter of time before Forde got a shot at the next level. We'll see what this means for The Score's coverage (it's always a guessing game from one season to the next). Knowing how the media works in Canada when it comes to CIS football, they'll just give the job to the next former Western Mustang in line, just kidding but not really.

Much obliged to regular commenter Big V for the pick-up ...

Duane Forde joins TSN broadcast staff (TSN.ca)


Tyler King said...

So who becomes the colour man for University Rush this year?

If it's that horrific DJ Bennett guy who was their sideline reporter a few times, god help us.

sager said...

Why, you could do it, Tyler.

You could do it all night long... well, as long as there were some night games.