Wednesday, March 05, 2008


You're not just using a figure of speech when you say "that crazy Rachel Marsden."


Dennis Prouse said...

I was in Vancouver during her little swim club episode. The way she ruined the life of both the swim coach and the university administrator was appalling. How she ever emerged from that to be taken seriously by anyone is a complete mystery.

What also blows me away is how many otherwise smart men get involved with this obvious bunny-boiler. She has psycho written all over her, yet two of her most recent conquests have been a senior police investigator, and the founder of Wikipedia. What were these guys thinking? Yes, I know she has a pair of legs that go on forever, and when she is "up" she is probably very charming, but surely to God you should Google the person's name before you do the nasty.

It is glaringly apparent that she is bipolar -- her public track record is just too long now to deny that. Like many people with bipolar disorder, she has an extremely high IQ, but can't hold a job, can't form long term relationships, and careens from one crisis to the next.

I have to laugh, though, when imagining her phone messages to her now ex-boyfriend. "I won't be ignored, Jimmy!"

sager said...

Well said... again, D.P. should be writing this.

Anonymous said...

The larger question is: why do people continually get seduced into hiring her for jobs? She likes to portray herself as Canada's Ann Coulter - at least Coulter, even if she is potentially nuts, is funny sometimes in her loony tunes act. Marsden has Alex from Fatal Attraction written all over her.

Stop hiring her for jobs. Stop giving her the attention she seems to crave. Will the people in positions of power please use Google once in awhile to find out what she's really like?

Dennis Prouse said...

Check the statement of facts at the bottom. Yikes. VERY scary, kids!

sager said...

I'm the last one who should comment on someone dealing with a rebuke in a less than heroic fashion, but then again, I had to edit her Sun Media columns a few times, so I think I've earned it.

Siome of the more ironic tidbits from the court judgment -- and this is a comment on human nature:

"In the future, prospective employers will likely be concerned about her lack of judgment and her irrational response in this matter."

"... The public will be on notice that she has reacted inappropriately to upset and frustration and consider this when dealing with her in the future."

"... I conclude that she should have learned her lesson from all that has happened to her so far.

The experts speak.