Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Notes on our teams of interest in The 613 ...


Ottawa has announced that Phil Roberts, an experienced assistant who coached in the CFL with the Renegades, has been promoted to the co-ordinator's role in the wake of Danny Laramee's move to Saint Mary's. No doubt Roberts will get down to business as soon as he done's coaching high school basketball — his Colonel By Cougars are in the Ottawa city championship tonight, as a matter of fact.)


In the meantime, the Gee-Gees are nationally ranked again, No. 7 in the media poll and No. 8 in the view of the coaches. The invaluable cishoops.ca has the full breakdown of the coaching job Dave DeAveiro pulled off Sunday to make it possible for the Gee-Gees to beat Toronto in a low-scoring game (63-60).

Work commitments will mean missing the Ottawa-Carleton OUA East final on Saturday at the Ravens' Nest, which is too bad. Carleton should win, but you never know, right?

There should be real push-pull between DeAveiro and Carleton coach Dave Smart on Saturday over what pace the game will be played at. The Gee-Gees held Carleton to 70 and 75 points in the regular season. The Ravens are averaging 83.8 against the rest of the OUA even if you don't count a couple of blowouts against Laurentian and RMC, so making them work hard just to get into their offence will be paramount on Saturday night.

A quick post on the rankings is up over at The CIS Blog.


Dennis Prouse said...

Granted, football coaches are sort of vagabonds by nature, but Laramee's departure is very strange. It's a purely lateral move for him, from coordinator to coordinator. It's not like he was with a lower tier kind of program in Ottawa or anything. There has to be more to this story than meets the eye. Neate, do you have any sources around the Gee-Gee program?

sager said...

Not particularly, other than official sources ... you know I'm just a pathetic little poseur.

The press release from the school highlights that Laramee and his spouse really wanted to live in Atlantic Canada, plus as a speed/strength/nutrition coach, he's apparently going to be given some say in the redesign of the Huskies varsity weight room. He'll also have the title of "assistant head coach" at SMU. It goes without saying SMU gets a little more media coverage than the U of O, plus it's an easier road to the Vanier Cup in that league.

Those seem like somewhat valid reasons to go, if there's more to it, I guess we'll find out in time. It would be good to know what the difference in compensation is between being at Ottawa and being at Saint Mary's.

Anonymous said...

Laramee had the title of Assistant Head Coach , a salaried position at Ottawa, so there is no change in title with the move.
Dan met his wife while in the maritimes and it seems the two had a long term goal to return to live there eventually. Now they are. I do not think there is any hidden plot here.
Phil Roberts should make a an excellent Assistant Head Coach.

sager said...

Good catch on the titles ... yes, Laramee played at Acadia and he and his wife, Cindy, wouldn't be the first folks who went out to Nova Scotia for their higher education and pulled every string they could to go back.

It's a little hard for me as a journalist, plus my East Coast alma mater doesn't have a football team.