Monday, February 04, 2008


It's cruel and mean-spirited to take pleasure in this, but none of us had a shot at sainthood: People in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., are organizing a petition to get the Steelback name scrubbed off the city's hockey arena and get the name changed from Centre to Memorial Gardens. At the very least, they want the local politicians to find out if they're ever going to get their money while the brewery is in bankruptcy protection.
"The group known as the re-dedication committee is collecting names on a petition that they plan to deliver to council by the end of February. The group states that Sault Ste. Marie taxpayers have already lost $67,500 since the last cheque from Steelback Breweries bounced."

"... The group is concerned that the City is dragging its heels on the issue.

" 'That is real taxpayer money that could be used on driveway snow removal for the elderly that is instead being wasted.' "
First the Patriots get upset, now this and a Bobby Knight resignation? Great quote from Steelback's incoming president from last week: ""You will not recognize Steelback in four months. The marketing campaign was promoting an individual and not the beer itself." "

Petition Group Claims The Steelback Centre Has Cost Tax Payers close to $70,000 (; via Junior Hockey Blog)


Dennis Prouse said...

Yes, I'm sure that honouring a stupid commitment made by Frank to buy the naming rights to an arena in the Soo is going to be a huge priority for Steelback. Riiight. The odds of Steelback emerging from bankruptcy protection to honour this are slim to none, and Slim just left town.

I guess city lawyers gave this advice because it is the safe play. After all, it's not like other corporations will be lining up to buy the naming rights. Was Ottawa able to rename Lynx Stadium after Jetform bailed? Nope, and Ottawa is much bigger than the Soo.

sager said...

People in the Soo love their hockey, and the Hounds always seem to do well, except in the years when the steel industry was really down in the late '80s. There's probably a company out there that would want their name tied to that, although perhaps not at $135Gs per year.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the group organizing the petition want the name Memorial Gardens - the name of the old arena - to be put back - or added to whatever corporate name buys the naming rights.