Friday, February 08, 2008


Geoff Baker, who's been leading on the Erik Bédard-to-the-Mariners story, took the time to interview the Venezuelan baseball writer, Augusto Cárdenas, who opened the whole damn can of worms.

It's been such a foregone conclusion that Bédard was headed to the Emerald City that any interest in the story on this end is as long gone as, well, the Baltimore Orioles' shots at a .500 record.

Good on those dowdy broadsheets from the CanWest chain for finally taking the shackles off their writers and letting them be all hip and edgy. See the lede today? "Navan's Erik Bédard shouldn't be sleepless in Seattle for too long."

You see that? They referenced a 15-year-old Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks romantic comedy. That's really incendiary. Careful, you don't want to angry up the blood of Ottawa Citizen subscribers.

Erik Bedard in town for M's physical (Geoff Baker, Seattle Times)

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