Sunday, January 06, 2008


A columnist in the Twin Cities actually wrote that Rex Grossman could conceivably be playing for the Vikings next season.

Everyone go and check the calendar... OK, it is Jan. 6, not April 1.

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Dennis Prouse said...

I love the fact that many in the MSM whine about blogs and bloggers, and then turn around and publish mindless, unattributed speculation like this. In what parallel universe does Rex Grossman resemble an upgrade on anyone? Perhaps there is an AF2 team out there somewhere looking for a QB, but beyond that there is no reason for anyone to bring in Rex Grossman for any reason whatsoever. He is a fifth year player now, and at the risk of turning an overused phrase, he is exactly what he is. He will struggle to get an offer from anyone, as his veteran status makes him an expensive clipboard holder. He may be done.

The Vikings need to either go big or go home at QB -- either make the big offer to Derek Anderson, or just stick with Jackson. Bringing in McNabb would be akin to the Ravens' signing of McNair two years ago. Like McNair, McNabb just has too many injuries and too many miles on the odometer to be of much use to anyone now.