Saturday, January 05, 2008


Reading this post from John Brattain sums up a lot of how far behind the times the Baseball Hall of Fame has fallen.
"As to the Hall of Fame—the last three times I have been down there the research area has been locked. This was my fear about this trip and a phone call reassured me all would be well but nope — the reason for the trip would be off limits after all.

"Here's the thing, you can call the Hall and ask for research but it takes close to a year before they get the materials to you; if you decide to do it yourself they lock it down for the same reason gas prices take a jump. In other words they do it, but don't expect a satisfactory reason for doing so. In this case, it was closed for the holidays but would re-open on New Year's Eve.


The Hall of Fame isn't just a museum; it's also a research library. One would think a sport that celebrates its past like baseball does would do everything to help writers such as John.

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