Wednesday, January 09, 2008


There are message-board rumblings that Larry Mavety will be stepping down as GM of the Kingston Frontenacs at season's end.

At this point, though, it's cold comfort and it's still only a rumour. Whoever succeeds Mav will still have his hands tied by owner Doug Springer's penury and tactlessness.

Meantime, like every team in the OHL, the media are getting their shots in on Springer's terrible team... check out this lead from today's Ottawa Citizen:
Mavric Parks doesn't need to look down at the crest on his jersey to see he's no longer a Kitchener Ranger.

With all the rubber flying his way, Parks knows he's either in a shooting gallery ... or a Kingston Frontenac.

Ah, the refreshing candour of youth...

"It's a little bit different here ... I might face 60 shots a game," said Parks, who waived his no-trade clause to move. "That's like playing three or four games in one in Kitchener.

"But I proved I could play with a good team, and now I have to prove I can play on a bad team."
Great... now Doug Springer's mess is comedy fodder for out-of-town newspapers too, not just blogs and message boards. It's great to be young and a Fronts fan.

(Former Front Cory Emmerton's prognosis isn't so hot these days either.)


Pattington said...


First you have to be young ;)

j/k man!


Dennis Prouse said...

Neate, you are my kind of sports fan. Your dedication in sticking by your home town Fronts, even in face of ongoing suckitude, is remarkable. What are you going to do if they ever win? It reminds me of that episode of Boston Legal, where the two lawyers were discussing the Red Sox WS win of 2004. They looked at each other and said, "what do we do now?" :-)

As the article referenced, the 67s are in very good shape for next year, provided San Jose doesn't decide to keep Logan Couture as a fourth line centre. 08-09 could be Killer's last hurrah in terms of an opportunity to go out with a bang.

sager said...

Good you mentioned that DP -- already some of the scouting sites are writing about the 67's as a championship contender in '08-09.

Tyler King said...

Gotta figure they'll give the GM spot to Cimellaro, who seems to have the respect of the local media, but then so does everyone in this organization apparently.

sager said...

Cue Bart and Lisa: "Anyone but him."

Tyler King said...

What's wrong with him?

Maybe they should hire Tim Cunningham? :P

sager said...

Now there's an idea I can embrace!

The knee-jerk reaction with Tony C. is that he would be a rookie GM. Hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere. But right now, the optics of the situation is the Frontenacs must hire someone who's not identified as being part of the old regime.

It was very similar with Queen's football when Pat Sheahan was hired. There was a school of thought that Queen's had always hired people with Tricolour in the blood (Howes and Hargreaves before him). But ultimately, they needed a guy with a winning track record elsewhere to show they were going to be a relevant program in Ontario again.

Obviously the OHL is different, but with where the Frontenacs are, I would argue they have to go outside. I don't know the league well enough to know who that might be, though, so I fail you on that response.

Big V said...

This is a shot in a dark but what about the Vees Coach Evan Robinson? It would definately be the nest step in his career, and better yet hes a local.

As for a GM could they really do any worse?