Sunday, December 16, 2007


Epic Carnival, which I (dis)grace each Tuesday with a post that's obstensibly about the NHL, is in the 2007 Sports Blog of the Year Tournament.

It's the same format at the NCAA Tournament, consisting of 64 entries, four regions and one winner. Since it's bloggers, suffice to say we won't need the Duke Blue Devils to fulfill the quota of pasty white guys.

Epic Carnival is the No. 10 seed in the Deadspin region, matched up vs. the No. 7 seed Baseball Analysts, one of those statgeek sites full of, "Tons of text, statistical data that is far over our weakling heads." (That's not trash-talking -- that's in the actual words of the tournament organizer, Busted Coverage.)

Our crew is a low seed, up against those soft-porn sites that masquerade as a blog by inserting some lukewarm, lightweight sports commentary in between the photos of plastic-looking silicone sisters. Winning is a long shot for Epic Carnival, but we can be a tough out and maybe squeak into the Sweet Sixteen. So if you're inclined, please take part, since chances are a blog you patronize is in the field. AOL Fanhouse, which the one and only James Mirtle writes for, is a No. 1 seed.

Another reason to participate: Duke can't win it.


Big V said...

Which one is your blog? how can we vote?

sager said...

Click on the second link (Sports Blog of the Year Tournament). That page has links to all four regions. Epic Carnival is in the Deadspin Region.

You can vote for every matchup, or just the ones you wish.

James Mirtle said...

Hah, I think I was 65th as of yesterday after a few weeks in the low 60s. Too bad; I could have gotten clobbered in the first round.

sager said...

65th? That might have got you into the Play-In game... I should have noted that they did not have any blogs on hockey.