Thursday, December 27, 2007


Our man Pete Toms has a Q&A with Can-Am League commissioner Miles Wolff posted at A Baseball Geek.

It's a few days old already, but Pete still has a a scoop concerning Ottawa's team to be named soon. Wolff notes that my fellow Nepean resident Tim Leiper "is probably not available" to pilot the Can-Am League club, since he's under contract to the Pittsburgh Pirates for two more seasons.

Leiper, who managed the Lynx from 2000-02, "would be our choice if he did become available," Wolff added. For what it's worth, at this writing the website of the Pirates' Double-A team in Altoona, Pa., lists Leiper as manager.

Good on Pete for turning that up. Also, good on Wolff, who's been very accommodating of the quote, unquote new media in Ottawa from the get-go.

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