Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Too funny if it true's: The agent for Nick Saban, who runs a much more wide-open offence against truth and honesty than he ever has against an opposing defence, got in touch with West Virginia about its vacant coaching job.

Seriously, is Scott Boras representing football coaches now? Saban can go do whatever he has to do, but this is a prime example of why it's so hard to take NCAA football seriously sometimes. It's bad enough Saban gets $4 million a year to coach age-group pro football. Now he would considering quitting on the Crimson Tide after a single .500 season?

As for Boras, he does have a little more time on his hands now that he doesn't have to take (one presumes) those full-of-self-doubt late-night phone calls from Alex Rodriguez, who has gone Hollywood.

Alex Rodriguez's new agent has never represented an athlete, but he is eminently qualified to take on A-Rod, since he previously managed another diva named Madonna.

Full-of-self-doubt late-night phone calls... isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

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Dennis Prouse said...

Not that I would much past Nick Saban, but I'm skeptical about this rumour. West Virginia is actually a step down from Alabama, and they couldn't possibly give him any more money. Stories like this will dog Saban every December, and he has surely earned that, but I would be surprised if there is anything other than mischief making behind this rumour.

Kevin Hayward said...

I'm glad A-Rod told Boras to take a hike. Hopefully he and Kenny Rogers will be trend-setters for a future generation of baseball players that learn to think for themselves.

sager said...

Just as a clarification: Boras is apparently still A-Rod's baseball agent, since Oseary isn't registered with the MLBPA.

However, only repping A-Rod for his baseball contracts, well, that's like getting a Maserati and only being able to use it for short trips to Loblaws.