Saturday, November 24, 2007


Bruce Boudreau, the Washington Capitals interim coach, might have become a patron saint of Out of Left Field ...

Boudreau, the 52-year-old rookie coach, was one of those dollar-store legends as a player, someone whose name you'd come across in the NHL Guide & Record Book (back in the day before You'd marvel at how his entry took nearly an entire column, at all the places he'd been and how he was still playing a decade after he'd last laced them up in a NHL game. There was an identification that began, well, right around the time yours truly inherited a box of hockey cards of late-'70s Leafs players that Uncle Todd had collected.

Anyway, Boudreau's quote in a Hockey News feature the other day, "Sometimes the tortoise wins the race," seem like words to keep in mind.

It's taken him a long time to get here, and who can't identify with a sports lifer? Bruce Boudreau would be an easy guy to cheer for even if he didn't bear a passing resemblance to Kyle Gass from Tenacious D.

This will probably the last time "Washington Capitals" and "tenacious D" appear in the same post. That's why they had a coaching vacancy in the first place.

NHL gig a long time coming for Boudreau (Ken Campbell, The Hockey News; link via Mirtle.)

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