Monday, November 12, 2007


Access Vikings is the one-stop shop for the news on Adrian Peterson's knee injury. Purple Jesus, of course, took a whack on the knee yesterday against GGDB, which is about the only proof that the Vikings physically showed up for a good-ol'-fashioned Packers pounding.

It's about the most that a Vikings fan could have hoped for: Peterson will play again this season, it's just a partial tear, no surgery required, and he will miss enough time for the Vikings to completely fall apart and really have coach Brad Childress on the hotseat. There aren't many winnable games left aside from Oakland next week.

Meantime, there's a certain irony that it was the dreadlocked Al Harris who put the hit on Purple Jesus, since now it leads to this Vikes fan quoting Bob Marley: "Every time I would plant a seed, he'd say kill it before it grows."

To hell with Green goddamn Bay for ruining the one redeeming part of another Vikings season that's going nowhere fast. It was clean hit by Harris, but there's no magnamity on this end. Remember, evil always comes in a banal package.

UPDATE: A Daily Norseman commenter has a resourceful suggestion:

"...two days before the first Packer game, we sign Derek Boogaard (Minnesota Wild enforcer) to a one week contract...make him a TE or WR...first play on offense, send him after Harris....should only take one punch and then pull his jersey over his head...he gets suspended and big deal."


Dennis Prouse said...

It's actually looking like a pretty strong class for QBs in the '08 draft, which is a good thing for the Vikes. I don't think there's much doubt that they simply must address this position with their first round pick. (Which means, of course, that they'll draft a corner first or something.)

sager said...

Cornerback... well, it sounds like quarterback. Meantime, it's a position they're well-stocked at it, isn't it?

Dennis Prouse said...

Absolutely, which is why they'll draft one and pull out the old, "best athlete on the board" defense. Pathetic. Can't they just give Scott Pioli a quarter of the franchise, and bring him over from the Patriots to run this thing?