Friday, November 02, 2007


Here's an e-mail worth sharing this afternoon:


Thanks for the e-mail. We'll still work for 2009. Keep the pressure on the politicans.

Miles Wolff

The ghost of Cesar Chavez also appeared, telling us, "Not to give up."

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Anonymous said...

Then a baseball team is still possible.
I am not a baseball fan, but others are. I would be happy to see Lynx stadium remain as is and used for what it was intended, baseball,
Rather than spend energy on a dubious proposal to redevelop Lynx stadium, I would rather we concentrate on the more pressing issue of turning Lansdowne into a much better sport and recreational facility.
I see their are rumours in some media circles that a CFL franchise for Ottawa is a done deal and will be announced during Grey Cup week.
I wonder if it is true? I won't assume it is until/if it becomes official.