Thursday, November 15, 2007


Just wanted to pass along this gem from Rotoworld:
"Blue Jays released outfielder John-Ford Griffin.

Griffin went 3-for-10 with a homer and three walks during his late-season stint with the Jays, but he wasn't in the team's plans going forward. A natural DH, he's never blossomed offensively to the point at which he'd be a decent choice for an AL team. Though that probably means he'll play regularly for the Twins next year."

Ouch for the Twins. Hey, it's not like former Minnesota GM Terry Ryan's decision not to offer David Ortiz a contract five years ago, only to watch him become a star slugger in Boston, ever cost the Twins anything, save for maybe one ALCS appearance.

(Good catch, Pete.)


Pete Toms said...

N, Ryan isn't the GM, it's Bill Smith. ( if I remember correctly, it's definitely not Ryan, he quit ).

I do understand the Rotoworld wisecrack. Along those lines they just picked up Craig Monroe from the Cubs. I, and others, think this has more to do with resigning Hunter ( he & Monroe are buds ) than anything.

sager said...

Good catch, P ... no word of a lie, former GM was in there, but I forgot to double-check that Ryan was flyin' elsewhere.