Saturday, October 20, 2007


The topics after the Raptors' 92-82 exhibition win over the Chicago Bulls last night:
  • The Star's Doug Smith says Carlos Delfino had long stretches of "passive" play. He was there, while yours truly was at another basketball game. It's a little bit of a worrying thing. Bryan Colangelo bought low with Delfino, keep that in mind.
  • Raptor Land, on a related note, is sure that Jason Kapono is going to be the starter at small forward come opening night. Maybe so, but who's going to get the rebounds other than Chris Bosh?
  • Over at, Michael Grange focused more on Andrea Bargnani's nice night, 19 points in 24 minutes. It was all quiet on the Bargs Boards 'n' Blocks watch: One rebound. Shouldn't boards just fall into a seven-footer's lap lap like country music songstresses do for star pitchers from Texas?

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