Sunday, October 14, 2007


The weekend that was for the Limestone City's Light Brigade...

Sunday (8-2 loss in the 'Shwa): Apparently someone in Generals phenom John Tavares' inner circle told him a hat trick against Kingston is only acknowledged if he scores once short-handed, once at even strength and once on the power play. That's exactly what the phenom did.

It's easy to imagine GM-for-life Larry Mavety coming into the office tomorrow and telling the team's administrative assistant to "fire up the Internet machine" and get in touch with the NHL about letting the 17-year-old Tavares come into the league early. Forget June 2008; can he be drafted next week?

Fronts captain Cory Emmerton at least dusted off his playmaking skills: He had three assists in two games and also scored tonight. Keep racking up the points, Number 25, it will get you to a better place between now and the Jan. 10 trade deadline.

(UPDATE: Mirtle has more on Tavares. By the way, apparently his sweater doesn't not bestow special powers: Daniel Negreanu was wearing a No. 91 Generals sweater during a pro-am poker tournament on TV last night and crapped out while playing at a table that included Jose Canseco and the sneaky-hot woman who plays Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cheryl Hines.)

Friday (4-3 loss vs. Bellevegas): The Frontenacs have probably given up more goals in the first or last minute of a period than any other OHL team since the start of last season (OK, probably not, but it does happen quite a bit). The Bulls got their first lead in the final minute of the second.

Kingston tied it in the third, only to have the Bulls' Bryan Cameron bury the winner with 1:08 left after an un-assistant-captain-like tripping penalty committed by Nathan Moon gave the visitors a man advantage. (Hey, 4-3 is the Fronts' best result vs. Belleville yet.)

Orleans' Shawn Lalonde had a two-point night for the Bulls and Mike Murphy, from Inverary northeast of Kingston, made 32 saves. The Whig-Standard had a nice feature on Murphy -- like another kid from outside Kingston, Dallas Stars goalie Mike Smith, he likes the country music.

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