Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Canadian Soccer Supporters United isn't pulling any punches over this country losing out as host of the 2011 FIFA women's World Cup.

The CSSU, headed by Dino Rossi of Mississauga, let it be known in a press release that, "FIFA advised the CSA that its constitution was outmoded and needed to significantly updated in order to fall into line with FIFA governance standards.

"Specifically, FIFA has taken issue with the CSA's failure to institute a one province, one vote policy. Currently, the CSA's voting structure gives greater voting power to the largest provinces, which FIFA objects to."

The long and short of is the soccer powers-that-be basically blew off a "direct request" (CSSU's wording) from the game's world governing body to get their act together. It's odd how the CSA wouldn't think that was a big part of getting the women's World Cup. Good on the Soccer Supporters for kicking down some doors -- and you know they aren't done yet.

Rossi and his mates' calls for an independent review leading to a complete overhaul of the CSA seem pretty spot-on today. A women's World Cup here would mean more resources for helping develop coaches and players, but it the CSA is so messed-up it's a wonder why they even put in for the event.

Seriously, don't put a coat of shellack on the CSA, just rip it apart and put it back together already. It will take nothing less to get more recent soccer converts to throw support behind the game.

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