Thursday, September 06, 2007


Gibby, before the fall (right around the 1:42 mark)...

  • Did anyone not call shenanigans on Tiki Barber yesterday for criticizing his old coach?
  • Football Outsiders now figures there's it's more than likely last season's Super Bowl teams, the Colts and Bears, could miss the playoffs. Don't tell the Dertingers!

    (How about the Vikings? "Shut up," Sager answered.)
  • Raptor Land is keeping close tabs on the European Olympic qualifier. Italy and Andrea Bargnani is 1-2. Imagine what would happen if Italy doesn't qualify and ends up in the last-chance Olympic qualifer, which Canada is trying to host?

    It's hard to believe Slovenia is 3-0 with Rasho Nesterovič playing centre. Something got lost in translation.
  • The Tao of Stieb is giving it 6 months until some hoser talking head asks Joey Votto about joining the Jays. He homered in his second at-bat at a Cincinnati Red, although can it really be called a "major-league debut" when it came in the National League?


Dennis Prouse said...

This whole Tiki-Tom Coughlin-Eli Manning this is getting REALLY old. I was almost buying the whole "Tiki the Renaissance Man" schtick about a year ago, but now he's just sounding like another "me" guy with an outsized ego and a mouth to match. Memo to Tiki - it's not all about you.

NastyPredator said...

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