Monday, September 10, 2007


The Atlantic Division just got a bit more scrappy — the Sixers traded with Denver for rugged Reggie Evans.

It's more about Denver getting rid of Evans' contract and picking up Steven Hunter's, but the division is richer for having the player who was accused accused of playing dirty late last season when Chris Bosh rolled his ankle after landing on Evans' feet after taking a jumper. Evans, of course, is also best known for the, uh, nugget-squeezing he gave L.A.'s Chris Kaman two seasons ago.

(Wanna talk negative? The Philly fans at the Inquirer's website are down on this deal since they figure Evans will make the team just good enough not to get a good spot in the 2008 draft lottery.)

Not a bad day for the Raps at the Eurobasket: Andrea Bargnani scored five of his 12 points in overtime, including a backbreaking three, in Italy's 84-75 win over Turkey.

Rasho Nestorovic and Slovenia are 5-0 and playing for top spot in its group on Wednesday after a 30-point win over Dirk Nowitzki and Germany.

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Kevin Hayward said...

A little surprising to see a basketball post this time of year, but refreshing in a way, too. As for Philly fans, talking like that is no way to start a season; it sounds a little like the Celtics fans last season hoping they'd lose to better their chances of getting Greg Oden. Except there probably won't be an Oden in this year's draft.