Monday, September 24, 2007


Lettin' it out, boss...

  1. Brett Favre is going to break Dan Marino's career record for touchdown passes next week against the Vikings in the Dome. Good.
  2. Chicago Bears fans had to have some inkling that mighty defence was bound to start buckling under the strain. (They lost 34-10 to Dallas, at home, as the favourites.)

    It was pure pathos for a Bears hater when Brian Urlacher tackled the Cowboys' Marion Barber III (pictured) at the end of a 54-yard run. When Tony Kubek was the Jays' TV analyst, he once said, "On the best plays Tony Fernandez makes, the runner is always safe by an eyelash." That's kind of how it's been with Urlacher -- makes a lot of tackles after the play has gone for a first down.

    (Yes, Urlacher did have two sacks -- somehow that went in one ear and out the other. Whoops.)

    Barber played his college ball for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, who also play at the Metrodome. That's the closest anyone associated with the Vikes will come to getting anything off the Bears this season.
  3. It's almost an achievement for the Vikes to lose while giving up just 251 yards on the road in Kansas City. Points were left on the field all day, but at least with Kelly Holcomb playing, the Vikes actually have a quarterback physically capable of overthrowing a deep receiver. Such a nice change from Brad Johnson.

    There's really not much else to say about the Vikes, the defence was good and that offence remained in absentia.
  4. The Lions' bubble burst, 56-21 to the Eagles, who had Madden 2005 numbers. Brian Westbrook and Kevin Curtis each went over 200 yards from scrimmage for Philly -- has that ever happened? Irony: Matt Millen takes a wide receiver in the first round every year and his team gets torched by a wideout, Curtis, who was only a third-rounder.
  5. Can media types, including NBC's Al Michaels, who should know better, stop making light of what Donovan McNabb said last week about African-American quarterbacks being subject to harsher judgment than white passers by bringing up Rex Grossman? Decades of systemic racism are not undone because a white quarterback has become the NFL's icon of ineptitude.

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Dennis Prouse said...

What, no love for the Philadelphia Eagles' throwback jerseys? We thought they looked great.

Yours sincerely,

The 1982 Vancouver Canucks

Jeff Dertinger said...

The defence can only do so much when they are left on the field for almost the entire second half.
And yeah, Urlacher is always making tackles after the play is done. That's why he had two sacks against that slippery bugger Romo.
The defence really only went in the tank after Lance Briggs and Tommie Harris went down with injuries, and any D will crack a little when it loses two of it's best players.

Our problem is simple, boring and redundant at this point - we have no quarterback. Our QB is the longest running national joke in football. The fans hate him, the announcers hate him, you know his teammates have to hate him at this point. The only people that don't hate Grossman are Lovie and this week's opponent.

I'll never understand why we all let football affect our mood for an entire week, lol.


sager said...

It's brutal for the Bears, the fans deserve better than Rex Grossman... Lovie Smith is the Dusty Baker of football coaches.

Dennis Prouse said...

The sad thing for Bears fans is that the window for winning in the NFL is so short, and the Bears are in the midst of watching theirs close due to an incompetent QB. It blows my mind that Bryon Leftwich was out there on the open market, and the Bears didn't even bring him to town. (Ditto for the Bills, but they are a lost cause this year no matter who is under centre.)