Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Miles Wolff, one among many potential saviours for minor-league baseball in Ottawa, will be in town tomorrow to meet with city councillors about the Can-Am League's proposal to play in the city next summer.

Wolff's accomplishments in minor-league ball can't be overstated -- he's the man who helped the Durham Bulls become a cottage industry in the years after Bull Durham was released, which helped set off a renaissance in baseball below the majors that has continued unabated until today. He helped get the Northern League established, which has revived baseball to Western Canada towns such as Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.

Bottom line: Wolff believes in this city and he believes in Canada when it comes to baseball, more so than a lot of people in this country. So yes, it would good to find out what he has to say tomorrow.

Ottawa Lynx Blog will surely have more.

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