Friday, September 21, 2007


The San Francisco Chronicle just reported the San Francisco Giants are not going to bring Barry Bonds back for a 16th season.

The early, just spitballin' prediction: Bonds ends up replacing Sammy Sosa as the DH for the Texas Rangers next season, if he does come back for a one- or two-year victory lap as a designated hitter in the real major league.

The Rangers already signed Sosa, the owner (Tom Hicks) threw $252 million at Alex Rodríguez a few years ago, so why not? Bonds would probably stay out West, and the other AL teams in that part of the States look like non-starters.

• L.A. Angels owner Arte Moreno was quite outspoken last winter when newly signed outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. was implicated in a steroid investigation, so how could he countenance adding Bonds without looking like a total hypocrite? Thing is, the Angels have got next to nothing out of the DH spot this season (.686 on-base-plus-slugging), so there is temptation.
• The Seattle Mariners seem like to like their DH, ex-'Spo José Vidro, well enough despite his paltry power numbers.
• Across the Bay, the Oakland A's have Jack Cust, he of the .925 OPS (in a pitcher's park), near league minimum salary and complete lack of a true defensive position.

How nice would it be to get this kind of feedback? 35 comments on the Chronicle's website within 20 minutes of the story being posted online.

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