Monday, September 24, 2007


The weekend for teams in the E.O.:


67's 5 Frontenacs 3: This can go under the category of playing just well enough to lose. The Fronts could have tied it in the final minute of the second, only to have Jamie McGinn finish off a 2-on-1 at the other end, re-opening a two-goal lead. The Limestone City's Light Brigade was buzzing the net with a minute left before Ottawa got the empty-netter.

It's kind of promising to be a long year for the Frontenacs, but there's some optimism this early in the game. Matt Kang was a bright spot with two goals. Meantime, feel free to start speculating on what team Cory Emmerton will be traded to for the playoff run and whether Ben Shutron will have the worst plus/minus this side of the Erie Otters, since he's the workhorse defenceman on a struggling team.


Bulls 8 Frontenacs 1: Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. Good thing the Bulls have six guys injured (they dressed only 15 skaters, three under the limit), or else the score could have been very one-sided.

Fortunately, so long as there clips from Will Ferrell movies available on YouTube, we can survive following the Frontenacs from afar. It takes a particularly vitriolic passive-aggressive A-hole to lob darts from afar at a team that has eight players who are 16 or 17 years old and yours truly is only sort of vitriolic. So we won't be making fun of the Frontenacs players too much -- just GM-for-life Larry Mavety and the very Web 1.0 intro to the team website. Seriously, that's straight out of 1998.

67's 2 Brampton 1: That's two wins in two games for Brian Kilrea's boys and their rookie goalies; Adam Courchaine stopped 41 shots to win his debut after 16-year-old Chris Perugini bested his older brother Andrew in Thursday's 5-4 win in opener vs. Barrie.

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Dennis Prouse said...

No worries for the Fronts -- this is the OHL, where EVERYONE makes the playoffs no matter how awful you are. Take it easy on their website, though -- that thing is REALY slow to load, even with my new 28.8 modem.