Saturday, September 29, 2007


The weekend so far for the Limestone City's Light Brigade:


67's 4, Frontenacs 3 (shootout):
Consider this a pick-me-ups the Fronts needed. Any Saturday night spent in Belleville is long enough getting lit up for 11 goals. Considering it was the third game of the weekend, having a lead through two periods is a small win.

The second, when the Fronts outshot Ottawa 17-10 and got goals from Nathan Moon and Bobby Mignardi, was probably their best period so far. Matthieu Methot tied it in the third period, then Jamie McGinn scored the shootout winner while the Fronts went 0-for-3 vs. the rookie goalie, Chris Perugini. C'est la vie.

Anyone see that Sudbury is now 0-5 and just gave up 52 shots? Then again, the Wolves sold out to go the OHL final last season.


Bulls 11 Fronts 2:
Oh, is this where the Fronts get raked over the coals and the Bulls are extolled as the shining beacon from the bright lights of Bellevegas, The Team That Does It Right? Nah, life's too short. Besides, Sudbury lost to Erie, last season's league doormat, and is now 0-4, so they might be even worse.

The Bulls' Eric Tangradi and Keaton Turewicz, who each had hat tricks, each had their second goal before Bobby Mignardi got the Fronts' first. By then, it was 7-0. Stephen Francella got his first OHL goal; at least he can say it came in the final two minutes. He just won't have to mention it only served to bring the Bulls' winning margin back into single digits.

Ben Shutron is minus-4 through four games, since he's the best d-man on a bad team: Someone put a bug in Brian Kilrea's ear that he could really look good in a 67's uniform after Jan. 10.

The Whig-Standard reported it's here-we-go-again with Fronts first-rounder Ethan Werek. The centre is playing provincial Junior A with Stouffville and there's insistence from GM-for-life Larry Mavety (denial?) on the other end that he is going to come to Kingston, even though Werek is on the record saying, "I am planning to play with the Stouffville Spirit."

So it's gone from wasted pick to risk that paid off to wasted pick. No matter what happens, even if Werek does come, it's still a wicked burn on Mavety. At least we know the Fronts ain't too proud to beg -- of course, teams that haven't been to the second round of the playoffs yet this decade shouldn't be.

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Frontenacs 2 St. Mike's 1 (overtime): Give a team enough power plays, say 25 over the first three games, and it's bound to pop one eventually. Cory Emmeron's overtime winner ended the Fronts' 0-for-24 skein on the power play to start the season. Kyle Paige (thanks for the correction) had the other goal on a setup by Nathan Moon.

Who knew it was possible to get a sense of a game's sheer stinkiness just from reading the stat sheet on the web? The Fronts outshot one of last season's worst teams 44-27 and had nine power plays to the Majors' three, yet still needed overtime. Who knows, maybe it was a thrilling defensive battle and maybe St. Mike's goalie Chris Carrozzi of Nepean, who made 42 saves, just stood on his head. It doesn't exactly fill a Fronts fan with confidence for Sunday's game vs. the 67's (2 p.m.).


Chris said...

great blog as always Neate

(Kyle Paige scored the first Fronts goal)

sager said...

Thanks Chris... figured it's better not to rhyme off all the game stats.... people need reasons to buy The Whig on Saturday beyond the self-absorbed columns in The Ticket.