Friday, September 14, 2007


Robert Andrew Powell has a great piece up at Slate on corruption in big-time football in the States -- not the NFL, not college, high school football.

Anyone else ever experience this phenomenon? You read Friday Night Lights when it first came out, or watch the namesake TV show (which can't come back soon enough) as a Canadian and think, "No way, that's too far-fetched." Then you find out otherwise.

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Dennis Prouse said...

One of the biggest problems with turning high school football players into false Gods is the rapid descent that is waiting for them just a few months hence. The funnel in sports is unforgivingly tight, and the reality is that only a small handful of players on the team will go on to play NCAA football. The rest of them go on to, well, not much of anything, and are has-beens at age 18. They have been given this ridiculously inflated view of their own importance in the world at far too young an age, and suddenly *poof*, it's gone.