Friday, September 14, 2007


Chris Zelkovich has a column in today's Toronto Star pondering what deregulation of the Canadian television market might mean for sports channels.

It touched briefly upon how CIS coverage might be hurt, so a post has been put up at The CIS Blog touching upon how it's kind of shortsighted to dwell on TV coverage. American schools are already going big into broadband and turning their websites into multimedia channels that fans pay a monthly fee to access, so you can bet Canadian schools are going to go down that path over the next few years.

It does mean bypassing the traditional news outlets, which is happening in the the pro sports world. Notice how many teams now have a former newspaper sportswriter working as a "web editor"?


Brendan McNamara said...

Personally I see broadband as a good tool for university sports that don't get regular national media attention (see men's hockey). However, by having football on TV it is accessible not only to the dedicated fans willing to venture onto their computers to watch the game, but also to your channel surfing sports fan who just wants to watch a good football game.

sager said...

Thanks for expanding on that point, Brendan... (I was posting from work and didn't have time to really get into it.)

I'm not sure if the U of O did it for football last year, but it was good for tracking the w's v-ball and w's hockey team in particular. Most of the NCAA schools are planning to use broadband for less marquee sports -- volleyball, women's fastpitch, that kind of thing.