Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Call this decision a slam dunk: The OUA and The Score have changed plans for this week's University Rush game, deciding to air the Queen's Golden Gaels' game vs. fellow unbeaten Laurier.

Big ups to the OUA and The Score for being flexible and realizing airing winless Western's game vs. 1-3 Windsor held scarcely little appeal, even to fans of both teams -- maybe even especially to fans of both teams. No offence, but with those teams both struggling, it's become the fourth-best game in the conference this week after the Golden Hawks and Gaels, Guelph-Waterloo and Ottawa-McMaster, in no particular order.

This validates some earlier criticism about Western appearing on three of The Score's first four OUA telecasts, but being haughty about it is bad form for a Tricolour type. The OUA has left the Oct. 20 date open. If everything breaks as it should -- and Western has to play York and Toronto after the Lancers -- the Mustangs' final game vs. Waterloo could decide a playoff spot, so they might get that TV appearance back.

There is some irony to the Mustangs losing a TV appearance. Western's former athletic director, Michael Lysko, went it alone on TV coverage in 2006, so The Score wasn't able to show the Mustangs' homecoming. Now that the conference and network actually can this year, it's decided thanks, but no thanks.

This is the same group that aired a York-Toronto game around this point last season. Essentially, the hard-done-by Lions and Varsity Blues make for better viewing than the 2007 Western Mustangs. Just kidding, but not really.

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