Monday, September 24, 2007


It's for the best that the Gaels' game in two weeks vs. the Ottawa Gee-Gees has been moved from Oct. 5 to 6 due to the structural woes at Lansdowne Park. Ottawa media is reporting that the south side stands at Lansdowne Park have reached "the end of their useful life," (CBC News at 6), meaning the Gee-Gees can't play on the 5th, since there's a policy that proscribes using the north side stands while the Ottawa 67's are playing at the same time in the Civic Centre, directly underneath the bleachers.

If the south stands were still available, it would have been possible to put all the spectators there. Anyway, since a certain Gaels fan booked Oct. 5 to see his beloved Gaels and will now miss the game, barring finding a colleague willing to trade a day off on Thanksgiving weekend (don't see it happening). That's probably a non-starter and it's just as well since the Gaels have lost the last seven games yours truly has attended in person. No one wants to be a jinx.

Looks like that streak will have to end Oct. 13 vs. Waterloo.

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Anonymous said...

OH NO! Please come to the game and be a jinx Neate. I will buy you a beer or two if you will. And now you can bring the beer back to your seat in the stands.
It was announced at the last game that Toronto micobrewer Mill St. Brewery has become an official sponsor of the Gee Gees. They were serving it at the last game and I was able to bring that great beer back to my seat. When I did, the sky did not fall after all, nor did the stadium collapse, although that might still happen.
Hope to see you there.