Monday, January 05, 2009

LIVE! blog - Canada v Sweden - the battle for gold in Ottawa

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7:08 - The hype machine is cranked up to 11 on TSN 20-ish minutes out from puck drop. Who needs TSN when you've got LIVE! blogging on OOLF?

7:30 - The Prime Minister thinks Canada will win and that we always show more heart than our opposition.

7:35 - I'm not 100 per cent sure, but it seemed like the Ottawa fans just loudly booed Sweden. Us Canucks...we're always nice. Except when we're not.

7:40 - Canada playing a bit of "rugby hockey." The Swedes take a penalty. P.K. Subban "bulls" it in for a 1-0 lead very early.

7:45 - The old cliche is that the road team needs to survive the first 5min. It's not clear Sweden did (although 1-0 isn't out of reach, obviously). So farm however, the Canadians have been equal from a skill stand point and far superior physically. Hammering the opposition is still very much the Canadian way.

7:49 -
Swedish goaltender Jacob Markstrom seems to want to prove his manhood (while diving. He is European). I'm not sure that's what the Swedes want to see in a goalie tonight.

7:57 - Canada. Canada. Canada. It's all Canada as they are completely controlling the neutral zone and putting all sorts of pressure on the Swedes first outlet pass. Canucks to the PP 9 min left 1st.

8:00 - Swedes kill the PP.

8:01 - Sweden catches a break with a high sticking penalty against Canada. And, before anyone starts to complain about the refs...they're fine. They are letting Canada play the body and if the Canucks lose this one it will have nothing to do with the men in black and white.

8:04 - Canada kills the PP, but Sweden does enough to make Canuck fans hope Canada doesn't end up in the box too much tonight. Shots 14-9 Canada, by the way.

8:08 - Big push by Canada gets as close as the post but no further. With 20 seconds left in the first Sweden has to feel fortunate to only be down 1-0. It was a dominating period by the home team.

8:10 - First over. 1-0 Canada. Trivia question (mostly directed to our Eastern Ontario readers) ...if Subban's goal holds up as the winner it will mark the second time that a Belleville Bull scored the winner for Canada. Name the other. The winner gets free access to Out of Left Field for a year!

8:22 - It will be interesting to see if Canada can keep the emotion up as high as it was throughout the first period. Although I'm sure the Swedes "want it" just as much, Canada seems a little more willing to fling their body around with reckless abandon. It's almost like they've dreamed of this night for years while drinking hot chocolate around a Christmas tree. Oh, God, please stop me. I'm becoming Pierre update at start of second.

8:27 - Second period is underway...Canadian coaches worried about pinching Swedish defencemen evidently.

8:30 -
Swedes get their best chance of game off a counter, but Canada up to it. Then Subban goes all Bobby Orr again. Doesn't score. He's probably going to get caught doing that some time.

8:33 - Jacob Markstrom just commits the worst dive in the history of sport. He didn't draw a penalty.

8:35 - And it's 2-0. Esposito. That's a Tim Hortons commercial waiting o happen.

8:40 - Another good chance off a 2-on-1 is stopped by Sweden, but the Swedes are going to need to do something soon if they are to have a chance in this.

8:45 - Just to be clear, TSN reminds us, this is a rebuilding year for Canada...(how just took a penalty).

8:49 -
Canada kills the PP. Then spends a good 90 seconds swarming around the Swedish goal. About the only thing I have to say about this is...remember the last time Canada lost the gold. They were all over the Americans who came back out of no where in the third.

8:54 -
I'm not really a violent man. But, the Swedish goaltender makes me want to hit something. He's a real piece of work, truly. Sweden going on a 5-on-4 PP.
8:59 - This might be Sweden's best stretch, as it draws another penalty
9:02 - Sweden to a two-man advantage.
9:06 - Canadian GK Dustin Tokarski earns his keep has Canada kills three straight to maintain 2-0 lead. Crazy pressure by Swedes, but nothing...less than a minute left in the period.
9:08 - And the second ends with a Swedish penalty. From about the 10 minute mark on, this period was far more even than the first, but overall Canada is full value for the lead. Just 20 minutes to go...
9:25 - GOAL Canada almost as soon as it starts up -- Cody Hodgson
9:29 - Subban draws a penalty. He's got to be a first-team all-star for this tournament. Habs fans have to be happy with what they are seeing anyway...
9:32 - Victor Hedman is dead. Or something like that anyway. Not that I'm suggesting that the Swedes are diving around like Brazilian soccer players (I'm allowed to say that. I'm the soccer guy). Sweden to a PP on a goaltender interference call
9:38 - Sweden out shooting Canada (who just killed its sixth penalty 38-28...Oh, and they score. It's 3-1. 11:30 left. Joakim Andersson the goal.
9:44 - Fans pissed in that the ref apparently missed a too many men penalty then got Canada for a hook. Swedes go on seventh PP. 8:15 left.
9:47 - Typo above has been fixed..about seven minutes left. Sweden playing desperate now and badly out shooting Canada (although this is the first time when it's noticeable). But, Canada to the PP...
9:50 - Canada holding the puck well on PP, but not getting much real chances. As an aside...I'm always a little embarrassed when a Canadian hockey crowd screams SHOOOOOT on the PP. Blasting it from the point is not always the best choice, you know...4:09 left
9:53 - McGuire talking about superior Canadian grit. 2:30 left. Open net.
9:57 - Jordan Eberle scores on the open net. Call it five in a row. 1:40 left.
9:49 - In the last minute. The Swedes, every the optimists, still have the goalie pulled...and Canada scores the fifth...Cody Hodgson
10:01 - It's over. To confused Sens fans: What's happening on the ice now is a championship celebration by the home team. Enjoy it because you're not likely to see another soon.
10:03 - The only thing less enlightening than listening to pro athletes interviewed on the ice following a championship is listening to teenage athletes interviewed on the ice following a championship.
10:07 - uninspired goaltender pick as Canada's player of the game. Seriously, he made a lot of saves, but how many were really tough. The defense's ability to clear the net and the PK was the "MVP" today.
10:09 - Hey Ottawa fans...don't boo teenage hockey players that just lost the biggest game of their short career.
10:11- - They sure do like PK Subban in Ottawa. I wonder if they will in the first round of the OHL playoffs.
10:13 - John Tavares is named top forward in the tourney. I still think he's going to be Brian Propp (which isn't awful, but...)
10:21 - I'M TRYING TO LISTEN TO THE SONG....thanks for reading. I'm out of here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates! I'm in class so no watching the game for me.

sager said...

P.K. Subban scored that one for his Belleville Bulls teammate, Mike Murphy!

Duane Rollins said...

I love Subban. But, believe it or not, he's not 100 per cent approved of in Belleville. He's seen as a little to brash by some bass akwards folks in my hometown. I shudder to think why that might be...

T.I. Stewart said...

Well, the fans here in Scotiabank definitely love P.K. Did the fans chanting his name early in the first period come through the TSN broadcast?

Anonymous said...

Is the answer Danny Cleary? haha
Would it be Matt Stajan?

T.I. Stewart said...

Quick P.K. story: when I was covering the OHL playoffs in his draft year, when everyone was "discovering" his talents, I struggled for words and stumbled into a cliche during a post-game interview. I asked Subban if he and his teammates were "gripping your sticks too tight." He gave me a grin and answered "I don't even know what that means..." It was a funny moment from a heads up kid.

sager said...

He goes by his initials?

Duane Rollins said...

Yes, the TK chant came through. It wasn't Cleary...(answer soon)

T.I. Stewart said...

Those penalties to Canada didn't have any direct results on the scoreboard, but the Swedish forwards (and Karlsson on the backend) did start to show why they're considered so dangerous. The net result is Sweden goes into the third actually feeling like they're in this one. Through the first 30 minutes they only really appeared rattled.

ThomasPratt01 said...

Thanks for the updates as I am at work and can't watch. That Taylor Ellington pick over PK is looking great now, Nonis, you fat ass son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Brian Propp?
You're old enough to remember him?
And BTW...the way the 67's have been playing lately, they'll likely meet the Bulls in the eastern conference final, not the first round.