Saturday, February 12, 2011

The thinking fan's reaction to the Mike Fisher trade ...

Far be it to point out keeping Bryan Murray is a move down the slippery slope of not really rebuilding a la that other Ontario-based NHL team. Farther be it to feel vindicated that the same diehard Sennies fans blog that ripped yours truly for pointing out the obvious in 2009 is no longer publishing now that the team is contending to win the draft lottery (where Murray will talk himself out of drafting Ryan Nugent-Hopkins). Funny how that worked out.


dzuunmod said...

Sorry Neate - I'm generally a fan but it really seems pretty ridiculous for this blog to blow a raspberry at another blog for having ceased publishing.

sager said...

With all due respect, not blowing a raspberry at all. Just pointing out the irony that a person who attacked me for critiquing his team and its fan support decided to give it up around the same time his team went south.

As for not updating OOLF, do understand I have a full-time paying job to maintain a blog for the No. 1 sports website in North America. Paying works must take priority.

Also, given that three other people who were involved in OOLF are also working full-time in writing for the web, maybe I've got blogger privilege to gloat a bit.

In other words, I had several thousand reasons to put OOLF in a drawer. Foremost among them is that my other obligations also help me keep a roof over my head, which is a necessity in Canada during the winter.

Anonymous said...

dzuunmod, you got a bad memory. Nate did OOLF for about 6 years, how long was that blog around for?

Your also making this blog versus blog as if none of the peoples other work matters. I think it might be more personal.

Superfun Happy Slide said...

I love when bloggers get into a piss-fest.

Although I am a little disappointed that Sager was so tame this time. I guess everyone gets a little long in the tooth, eh.

The Rightous Happy Slide