Saturday, December 04, 2010

Latest on Brock Lesnar

It’s amazing how since his loss against Cain Velasquez at UFC 121, much of the discussion has been about Brock’s next move and not Cain’s.

Since the one round beat down by the hands of Cain, Brock has been rumoured to

A) Wrestle in the WWE

B) Have a 3rd encounter with Frank Mir

C) Fight “Big Country” Roy Nelson, who recently had his bout with Shane Carwin scrapped after the latter pulled out with an injury.

Well, UFC boss Dana White has said that Lesnar isn’t going to the WWE, and it doesn’t look like he wants a Lesnar-Nelson fight to happen. Lesnar, and many other fans, don’t seem to be too interested in a third fight with Mir, even though that is the fight that would generate the most dough and PPV buys.

Shane Carwin is still sidelined with a back injury so he’s out as the next opponent for Brock (unless they fight in the spring). Going further down the list of available opponents after Mir and Nelson is Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira who’s definitely a stiff test for Brock and also Ben Rothwell.

If the UFC wants Lesnar to stick around for a while though (and earn some major moolah and PPV buys), they need to develop him and match him perfectly so he can improve. If not, he may have one of the quickest downward spirals in MMA history.

The reality is though, whatever Lesnar’s next move is, and whenever he announces it, many people will be listening closely. He’s still one of the most popular UFC fighters there is, and he can bring in all sorts of fans.

And as far as the question of, “Is Lesnar’s mystique gone?” - or anything along those lines – the answer? Far from it.

Brock has lost twice in the UFC but that’s not that strange for an MMA fighter. No fighter that Brock has fought in the UFC so far has been scared of him. People know what he brings to the table and he’s definitely beatable. He was beaten by Mir in the first fight, was hurt against Carwin and Velasquez but his wrestling skills are outstanding as are his ground and pound.

He’s still a top UFC contender, an entertaining fighter, and if matched perfectly, could be a big money maker for the UFC for many fights to come.

If he can win enough that the UFC can sell him as a credible opponent, then their job is done.

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Superfun Happy Slide said...

Good article, I was reminded of Vince McMahon's decision to promote guys like Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold when you questioned whether Cain has fan or media appeal, compared to Brock.