Saturday, November 20, 2010

New interests, new blog

I have started my own blog on Canadian curling issues and commentary called As the Rock Turns, located at

I may still post here from time to time, but my main efforts will be placed on my Brandon Sun duties and the new As the Rock Turns blog at the address listed above.

Thanks for reading and please continue to support Neate Sager and his work with Yahoo! Sports Canada by reading his excellent work. I once had the honour of being the first person to read his stories before they were placed on a newspaper page. It was never boring, and always informative and entertaining, even if it was describing games that were debacles or interviews that were gong shows. Or it was simply the best read that day.

Without him, we wouldn't have had many years of reading entertainment here, and I wouldn't have become a blogger.

Keith Borkowsky

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