Thursday, November 25, 2010

Enjoy the turturkeykey and your football with that milquetoast fair catch

A happy Thanksgiving to our American friends. You might not have invented insulin, instant replay, standard time, caulking guns or the BlackBerry, but you did perfect the three-camera sitcom.

WKRP Turkey Drop
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David Kilfoil said...


Thanks for this Neate. Probably my favourite episode from the favourite sitcom of my youth.

Superfun Happy Slide said...

"The God's honest truth . . . I thought turkeys could fly."

--the most epic line and delivery in sitcom history.

My grandmother wet herself, from laughing, the first time she saw this episode.

Sorry Gran, I had to share.

eulogy said...

I certainly agree to what this post is trying to imply. Thanks so much for some reasonable views.