Sunday, May 23, 2010

A cool change ...

In Canada, the puck chases you:

A better self-promoter would have mentioned a move to a new sports beat before covering its major championship, the Memorial Cup. He also would not have waited some five weeks to mention he had left one job to start a new one, covering junior hockey on the newest addition to the Yahoo! Sports family of sports blogs, Buzzing The Net.

A hope is this opens some doors, career-wise. Honestly, the past few months have had that David Byrne how-did-I-get-here feeling, notwithstanding the absence of a beautiful house and a beautiful wife. (All in time.) It was a major whaaaaa? moment when Yahoo! inquired in November about being the Canadian writer on Fourth-Place Medal during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It was dream when it actually happened, and it was one further still when Yahoo! made that made it worth it to leave a copy editing job at the Ottawa Sun.

There is much more that should be said. This site will remain active, more as a vanity project, for anyone interested, including my old Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic running mate Keith Borkowsky, whom it was great to reconnect with in Brandon all week. The CIS Blog ( torch will be passed to more capable hands.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown support over the past seven years when I had one foot in the blogosphere and another in print journalism. This promises to be a fun next step.


Rob Pettapiece said...

Great, another one leaves and becomes a full-time hockey writer. I suppose Bucholtz will get a job covering the Abbotsford Heat next?

Also, does this mean we can make fun of the Ottawa Sun, openly? 'Cause we could do this allllll night.

(Also, congratulations.)

Robert C. said...

Congrats on making money on the internet. I thought all those ads saying 'you can make cash online' weren't true. Silly me.

Jordie Dwyer said...

Like I said to you before....good job on getting a real gig (lol) and stay in touch with us little guys.
Have fun.

Black Granite said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful knowledge,i really get what i was looking for...:)

Pattington said...

Congrats Neate.

Carl. said...

Congratulations Neate!

Well deserved. Well earned.


Oil Thigh said...

Great job Neate and well earned.