Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fronts: Season's lowest attendance for Game 3

No doubt people were waiting for the playoffs to get a true reflection of Kingston Frontenacs attendance, i.e., once the comps and freebies were no more.

Well, they had 2,285 on Tuesday for Game 3 of their series against Brampton on Tuesday. That was lower than any announced crowd the Fronts had during the regular season. It is also barely half of the original attendance target of 4,500 for playoff games at the K-Rock Centre.

You can rest assured the sycophants in Kingston will either ignore this, claim it's a fabrication or ignore the argument and attack the person making it. That's how they roll.


Anonymous said...

I saw part of the first period on Cogeco Cable. The LVEC was absolutely dead; there were maybe a few hundred people there. It was pathetic.

Robert C. said...

The Whig mentioned that attendance number in the third paragraph in their story on the game in Wednesday's paper. "Before a crowd of just 2285"

Although they never talked about how horrible that number was in the rest of the article.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's such a surprise that attendence is low on a Tuesday night when the team is down 2-0 in a best of 7 series. I was there. There were more people in there seasts for this 2,285 game than other home games earlier in the season with higher posted attendance.

Anonymous said...

Wow, even at 2,285 we were 1,000 more than Brampton. AND they have a population of 433,806 to draw from. That's 1 in 361 people in Brampton attended a game. Our 2,285 was 1 in 51 people in Kingston attended the game. If we had Brampton's population, with our resident to fan ratio, we would have had 8,506 at the game. Our population with Brampton's resident to fan ratio is only 333 people at the game.

Hmm... maybe you should pick on Brampton for while.

sager said...

1) No one's being picked on.

2) I actually have written about Brampton previously.

3) It's not a valid comparison between Brampton and Kingston. It's very apple and oranges. The Battalion play out in the middle of nowhere (arena not accessible by foot or by public transit), the team has only been around for 12 years and the ethnic demographics of the community are vastly different from Kingston.

4) The Battalion have won a playoff series this century, although that's only two wins from changing for the Fronts. Maybe one after tonight.

5) If you think you're being "picked on" when someone offers honest heartfelt criticism, you're lost.

Man, is rebutting your weak-ass dumb-person points easy. I wrote that in maybe 45 seconds.

sager said...

So, if I follow your point, Springer was given a $43-million arena in order to have the 19th-best fan support in a 20-team league?

Anonymous said...

Springer wasn't given anything. He does pay rent, doesn't he?

Wow, your hatred for certain people in Kingston is really sad. Maybe your therapist can help you with that. All your anger is going to give you a stroke or heart attack before you're 50 (if your diet doesn't beat them to it).

I used to like you when you were part of the Sports Revolution on CFRC.

That took 12 seconds to write. And I'm not even a "professional" writer.

sager said...

I don't hate anyone, sir, and nothing gives you the right to say those things.

sager said...

Actually, you would recall that the city gave the Frontenacs a pretty sweet deal, plus they have consistently lowered the bar on revenue targets, which in principle is at the expense of other areas of the budget.

So, if you're a Kingston taxpayer, you are effectively buying Kingston Frontenacs tickets even if you're not buying Kingston Frontenacs tickets. The cheap shots are worth it, though?

Robert C. said...

I'm in Kingston, and fans here have had enough of how the Frontenacs have been run. Used to do a good job of filling Memorial Centre. I went to a lot of games there.

When I moved back here, the owner started talking about a new arena that would help the team become successful. But they've proven bad management is bad management.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Until changes are made people are not going to go. They're voting with their wallets and not going.

It's a bad sign when the radio rights come up for grabs and no one in Kingston wants them. Especially when the arena's naming rights are held by a radio station. Rogers, Corus and CHUM didn't want them? Wow.

I know someone going to Queen's who's a big sports fan and she just went to her first Fronts game. And she's lived here for 3 years! Shows how far off the radar the team is for a lot of people.

MisterDB said...

Brutal personal comments by a gutless poster who hides behind "anonymous". Can't make an aregument to refer to grade school arguments. The math isn't any better "even at 2,285 we were 1,000 more than Brampton" They got 2582 and 1933 for their games, calculator anyone?

Anonymous said...

Bullocks! I talked to a rinkrat who works for Peel Region and the actual butts-in-seats for game 4 was 1,256. It looked like even less on TV.

MisterDB said...

Paid attendanece for the game as per OHL game sheet is 1933, that is how official attendence is reported not a rinkrat reporting what they think. The Powerade Centre holds 4774 so 1933 is less then half and would appear just like the KRC empty. I'll trust the OHL site instead of a rinkrat guess.

sager said...

It's a little rich to be claiming Brampton's numbers are inflated now when the Frontenacs' attendance was inflated all season.

Hope they have an official 4,000 on Tuesday for the big win in Game 7.

(Also, "bollocks" is the preferred spelling.)