Monday, March 08, 2010

Frontenacs show true colours — deep shades of pathetic

Good friend Tyler King was a "bringer of reality" vis-à-vis the Kingston Frontenacs' "less than one per cent" chance of winning the host bid for the 2011 Memorial Cup.

The Fronts tend to have a strong reaction to someone having the audacity to point out straight facts, like that Kingston has not won a playoff series since 1998 and is ninth overall in the OHL and the other shortlisters for are first (Barrie), second (Windsor) and fourth (Mississauga) in the league. For instance, they could Twitter-block him, like they have done with others.

God forbid professional journalists who love Kingston should have any right to give an informed opinion.

Kinger and others didn't ask for this role, but they'll play the part of offering a honest critique of a franchise which believes the media is there to offer a free pass. Meantime, the Frontenacs would have to hand out a lot of free passes to fill the arena for the playoffs.


Robert C. said...

There was a different person running the Frontenacs Twitter account about a year ago. I remember since he or she sent me a message they listened to Offsides on CFRC with Tyler.

Easy joke about that's why it's someone different now. LOL.

Yep, I looked at the Frontenacs Twitter account they haven't responded to a fan since Feb. 2009. Even found proof about the previous person listening to Tyler.

Listening to Ethan Werek (#27) on #CFRC (101.9FM Kingston;

Now it's just score updates and press releases. Interacting with fans? That's a crazy idea. Promoting other stations in town? Even crazier.

H said...

How hilarious that they prove Kinger right about what he said on the radio that they'd rather silence their critics than fix the problems.

Anonymous said...

How can Windsor compete with the Spitfires give out free butter at the games?

Anonymous said...

It's such a pity that the Fronts have been run by buffoons since practically Day One.
I remember the old Kingston Canadians from the 70's with Linseman, McKegney etc. and their incredibly fierce rivalry with the Ottawa 67's.
The 67's franchise was headed down the tubes until it was rescued by Jeff Hunt in 1998.
Too bad there doesn't appear to be someone like Hunt on the horizon for
the Frontenacs.