Friday, February 26, 2010

NBA All Star Festivities Becoming A Joke

It’s bad enough that a few undeserving players were voted in as starters to the All Star Game (uhem, Iverson), the skills competition which used to be a weekend highlighted by spectacular dunks and tight three point contests, has become a day of repetitive dunks and low scoring three point contests.

I’ll be frank. This was by far one of the worst dunk contests ever. Many of the dunks just appear to be the same as they once did, and no more to the real all stars which fans want to see… Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Anthony… take part in the competition. No disrespect to Derozan, Robinson, Wallace or Brown, however the atmosphere would have been a lot more electric if the first batch of athletes participated. Dunks were once original however that trait seems to have exited in most of the competitions in recent years. Dwight Howard had a few original ones, but even those days seem like they were years and years ago, even they were just a couple of years ago. The days of Air Jordan Dunks seem to be gone. Whether it is a lack of energy or just lack of creativity I have seen much more impressive dunk contests in the NCAA and in Phase 1 basketball, a basketball camp based out of Toronto. Now these are real dunks…

The three point competition for me has lost all cache. Jason Kapono may have had the record, but what does it mean if a player cannot hit those three pointers on the court? What else is there… horse? The event that took so much time that they had to abandon it and settle for top of the key three pointers to decide the winner.

It's sad to see that the amazing event that used to have Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Kobe have become such an embarrassment.

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