Sunday, February 07, 2010

Iverson a 2010 All-Star? Please…

While it is nice to see Nash starting in this year’s all star game and other deserving players, I and others cannot help but wonder why Allen Iverson is not only in the event, but is a starter. There are notable exceptions to this year’s annual event, such as Chris Kaman and Deron Williams, however the most frustrating aspect is that Iverson is starting the game despite averaging a mere 14.6 points per game, the lowest total of his career.

Sad to see that the NBA is increasingly becoming a popularity contest. Players aren’t getting in based on their progress and skills, but rather for their popularity. We all obviously know who Iverson is. There is no doubt that once upon a time he was a dominant scorer, one of the best the NBA has ever seen, but there is little doubt that he is selfish player who has attitude problems to say the least. I’ve never seen anyone complain so much about, “practice”. Which by the way Iverson will be doing before the all star game.

The problem of the voting starters format is that the players who truly deserve to be starters, are either watching from the bench or from home because their spot that they earned was taken because a player who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons the past few years were voted in by fans. Yes, the “fans” voted him in and obviously the NBA will allow it because they are bound to earn money from having A.I in the game.

Personally, I’m not a Rondo enthusiast by any means, but he deserves to be on the starting floor rather then a reserve watching form the sidelines. Rondo is the leader in assists in the East and it would’ve been nice to see some new blood in the starting lineup. One can make the argument that Garnett didn’t deserve to be in the lineup either, but that case could be made for a couple of players, but not as much as the case could be made for Iverson, as he has not done anything at all whatsoever in my mind to be an all star.

Is he still a star of the NBA? Definitely. Is he the best point guard in the East and thus deserving a starting spot? Nope.

Let me put an A.I twist on this. Name a player who doesn’t think practice is important to him or his teammates including in the playoffs, and has had police charges against him and at 34 was a starter in the all star game in by far the worst season of his career?

I can’t think of anyone either.

The irony of all this is that on Memphis he was disappointed that he was coming off the bench and just a few months later he’ll be starting with the top players in the NBA.

Asking if he deserves it is like asking if Vernon Wells deserves $16 million next year or if Cristiano Ronaldo deserves most of penalty calls. Answer seems to be fairly obvious.

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